At Atlantic School for Young Leaders (ASfYL) we support and encourage the idea that a leader knows him or herself well, can stay true to their vision even when faced with adversity. A leader is someone who is an effective communicator, practiced at talking with, listening to and understanding others.

Leaders bring the confidence, knowledge and ambition to create positive change. We believe that aspiring, young leaders who understand themselves as part of a global community are the most effective in making a positive impact locally. At our summer short courses, young people from across the world come together to share their knowledge and views; and to broaden and enrich their international outlook. All participants are collaborators on the course and together, identify and hone the skills required for effective, positive and compassionate change-making.

We understand that leading others can be a serious endeavour. By questioning the nature and responsibilities of a leader, and taking examples from across cultures and settings, we set out to explore the ethics of leadership throughout our work.

We share in the United World Colleges mission of making education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future, and strive to impassion, empower and equip young leaders on their journey of ‘culturally-sensitive’ leadership.

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