The Atlantic School for Young Leaders (ASfYL) approach is intensive, active and engaging, as well as sociable, reflective and fun. We put a strong emphasis on questioning the status quo, and on developing the creative tools and critical skills needed to question beliefs and assumptions. We look at different styles of leadership, drawing on the expertise of our partners but putting a particular emphasis on participants’ own projects. We also draw on the broad experiences of our course leaders, all United World College graduates now working in creative, development, scientific and educational sectors across the globe.

Workshops are energetic and student-focused, and are tailored to provide information, inspiration and practical expertise. They are mixed with visits, talks, activities and projects. The course is designed to increase the participants’ ability to listen to themselves and others, to communicate effectively and to be creative and innovative in both thinking and practice.

We understand that leading others is a serious endeavour. By questioning the nature and responsibilities of a leader, and taking examples from across cultures and settings, we explore the ethics of leadership. We share with UWC, the mission of ‘making education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future’, and aim to stimulate, empower and equip young leaders for their futures.