The 2 week programme will be a chance to meet and work with fellow young people and team leaders from around the world. Every day will bring something new, with campus- based activities, and further afield, where we will make use of the fantastic rugged Welsh coastline and of its capital city Cardiff, which is only 30km away.

The course itself comprises a number of strong creative components, that allows us to challenge and inspire different people in different ways and sets us apart from other leadership courses. We will make use of a range of literature, current affairs, physical activities, social media, theatre, design-based thinking, group challenges, and personal reflective techniques. Group discussions, guest speakers and project skill sessions ensures that the course is relevant to a variety of developing interests and skills.


The course is designed to be both rich and varied. We explore what leadership means, and how to develop it in our own lives. Atlantic School for Young Leaders employs a combination of deep learning approaches to help us get to the heart of the change we want to make in the world.


Through readings, lectures and smaller group discussions we look at various leadership styles and important historical case studies. These analytic aspects of the course are important for improving our critical thinking, helping us to reflect on information and communicate constructive responses.


Part of the course will involve getting outside and being active, with coastal walks, morning swims and outward bound activities such as climbing, available through UWC Atlantic’s fantastic outdoor centre.

Physical challenge is an important part of the course helping us to better know ourselves and push our own boundaries. Moreover, these activities help forge strong ties between people and your team will be an important part of your learning, both during the course and afterwards.


We have a variety of guest speakers and workshop leaders. We hear from elected officials, people running international organisations, entrepreneurs and arts professionals. The various workshops cater to a range of interests and allow us to focus on the personal skills and qualities we bring to leadership.


There is usually a trip to Cardiff to visit the Senedd, The National Assembly of Wales.


As the course progresses there will be one-on-one mentoring sessions tailored to individuals’ project ideas and contexts. This phase will be complimented with skills workshops focused on specific aspects of project management, such as planning, budgeting and marketing.


Each day there will be an opportunity for reflection and processing. Time has been allocated for recreational activities and for group round-up sessions which facilitate ongoing evaluation.


Creating a community of ASfYL alumni is vital to the longer term benefits of taking part in the course. After the course is completed we will support students to establish their network so that they can stay in touch with talented, committed peers, who can support each other’s projects and ongoing development as young leaders.