To deliver courses that will support attendees to learn and develop the following skills and aptitudes:

  • Developing an understanding of leadership in different contexts, such as social entrepreneurship and civic society and the development of individual leaders in settings like politics, business and faith organisations.
  • Understanding the importance of communication as an element of leadership in its various forms and developing the student’s own communication skills.
  • Valuing people’s different cultures and backgrounds and how these can influence communication within and between organisations.
  • Working collaboratively with others towards a common goal.
  • Improving understanding of group behaviour, dynamics and team work.
  • Recognising the student’s own leadership, organisational skills and aptitudes.
  • Learning the impact of good and bad leadership decisions taken by influential and strategic change makers.
  • Setting future objectives to develop and apply the skills and knowledge gained from the course.


ASfYL will make a set of Guidelines for Nominators available for download on this website to assist in briefing potential students and in developing their application.

Each student should be nominated by an adult who should be prepared to complete the nomination form and guide the student in:

  • Reading and discussing the course objectives with him/her in advance.
  • Helping the student evaluate how useful the course was to them.
  • Supporting the student in developing and applying skills and knowledge learnt on the course with particular regard to the objective/s they had set themselves.


For the next course in 2021, we invite applications from students from any country of residence or nationality who will be 16, 17 or 18 at the time of the course.

We aim to balance gender and cultural, national, economic and social backgrounds wherever possible.