Can I apply without completing the form?

Please complete the form and do bear in mind that most questions can be answered if you wish by providing images, diagrams and video as well as text.

Who can apply?

All students who will be 16, 17, 18 at the time of the course. We have decided to accept applications from only those three consecutive age groups based on previous experience.

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for completed applications for 2019 is 31 May 2019. If you feel you need more time to complete your application,  please contact us to discuss this.

What help can ASfYL offer to have visas issued for relevant countries?

If you are a non-EU student you will need a visa to enter the UK. ASfYL will support you with the visa application and provide all the documentation you need. If you require a visa we will provide you with a confirmation letter and a visa letter. You then need to contact your local British Embassy or Consulate and arrange an appointment. Follow their instructions.

What are the best ways after entering the UK to get to St Donat’s?

St Donat’s sits in the Vale of Glamorgan on the south coast of Wales. Bridgend is 9 miles to the north west, whilst the capital city of Cardiff can be found 21 miles to the north east.

Does my ASFYL course help me in my university application process and /or at university or afterwards and if so how?

Yes. Application to and attendance on the ASfYL course will mark you out in the university application process as a student with initiative and dynamism – both characteristics being important for success in application to a good university. At university having attended the ASfYL course you will be well prepared to gain the most from your studies and extra curricular activities. The ASfYL course provides a tailored foundation for career success in whatever organisation you work in after your university degree – organisations are looking for young and skillful employees with leadership abilities who can rapidly take on senior responsibility.

Please send an email to if you have anything else to ask.

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