Our summer courses address the challenges faced by young people preparing to lead projects in their home communities or further afield. International facilitators and students, will spend 16 days thinking about, sharing and practising leadership techniques based around their own individual projects.

We plan to run our next course in 2021 in partnership with UWC Atlantic.

Designed to provide the building blocks of compassionate and visionary leadership, the course will analyse traditional leadership thinking, challenging the status quo and explore how leadership thinking applies to their experiences and ambitions.

At ASfYL all participants will help to build a shared understanding of leadership in a variety of local to international and individual contexts. We want to explore what it means to lead and look critically at our own experiences of leadership in practice. Our workshops and activities will allow us all to think about leadership in a critical way. They will also help students appraise and determine the means to communicate their ideas and act upon them when working with others.