Thinking on Leadership, from Martin Gibson

People say Leaders are born not made but I disagree. Leadership can and should be taught. Teaching intelligent young people in a multi cultural environment is sowing seeds on fertile ground and not just seeds of a single crop. Seeds that will bloom and flourish in many ways. It will empower the students of the ASfYL to get involved in making a difference and it does not matter how small the cause or idea. A team initially just needs two people and from that it will grow to fit the size of the issue. Anyone who attends our course will want to create a team – perhaps to save the world but more likely to help or entertain people and make lives more fulfilling. Changing the world can come later when our young leaders get together in the future after a few years of preparing their skills.

An Invitation from Ken Corn, Director of Outreach UWC Atlantic Collage

UWC Atlantic College is both delighted and excited to be welcoming this pioneering inaugural year of The Atlantic School for Young Leaders course here to our campus this summer. We see ASFYL as being a complementary summer short course which is very much in line with our own Mission and Vision for education, in the broadest sense of that term. UWC AC’s mission is to “Make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”. These core values are very impressively embedded in the ‘DNA’ and essence of the ASFYL attitude, methodology, pedagogy and genuine belief in how imaginative educational approaches can lead towards a better future for all of us. In this way, we see ASFYL as part of our wider UWC Atlantic College 360 degree strategic vision, which recognises that true education doesn’t only happen in traditional classrooms nor only during the regular academic school year. Along with Atlantic College’s Principal, John Walmsley, and myself, all of us here at AC are looking forward to seeing which interesting paths ASFYL might take, and how we can all learn and develop our own practice, based upon this dynamic approach to experiential learning, personal growth, and vibrant collaboration.