Thoughts from a participant, Rosie from Pembrokeshire

I’ve been thinking about dreams a lot recently. Since I’ve been here I’ve had some of the most interesting experiences in my sleep. And it’s made me think about how important and how influential the people and the environment around us are, without even noticing it. A single object, a single word, or a even a single smell can trigger off a whole series of pictures which have been carefully tucked away a few nights before where you can’t quite reach for it yourself. But it made me think – what if that person had never said that word? What if I hadn’t walked into the room at that particular time to see that particular sight? I may never have remembered that dream. Ever. And perhaps because I have been spending the past six days with such a mixture of people in a new place, there are more opportunities for the trigger to be set off, and perhaps that’s why I’m remembering more of the obscure scenarios my subconscious mind is conjuring up.

In a more general aspect, this idea of change and new experiences triggering off thoughts and emotions can be linked to the process of ideas. Opening your mind to change and talking to new people, or just being in a different environment, fabricates a whole new level of existence which stimulates the brain, leading to thoughts and ideas you may never have thought about otherwise. In terms of leadership I think it’s all about catching these new thoughts and developing them into something meaningful.

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