A Playful Approach – from James our Project Manager

Last month I spent a day covering a Japanese cultural arts centre in brightly coloured tape, turning all sorts of spaces in to places of play! I was far from home and my fellow ‘tapers’ where unknown to me just a few days ago. In that time however we had visited Tokyo, touring the weird and the wonderful, met with gentle, creative and inspiring people, traveled across the country and explored an other city with a very different topography and feel. Our hosts, the British Council had been trying to build a small international group of innovative designers who work with children and encourage them to explore new places together and forge new links between countries.
Back at home I want our pioneer Atlantic School for Young Leaders course to echo some of that playfulness and its sense of exploration. Excited by the idea that together we are stronger and more capable than when on our own, it sometimes seems hard to pinpoint how to lead a group or project as an individual. In July at UWC Atlantic College I am thrilled to be able to start to tackle that question, to start to unpack over 21 different people’s experiences and play and explore together with new ideas that collectively emerge.

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