Good leadership is crucial in our complex world where we all face many problems. ASfYL provides short intensive courses to help to develop the leadership skills of young people from across the globe.

Our next course for students aged 16-17 will take place 20 July-3 August 2023 in partnership with UWC Atlantic.

Atlantic School for Young Leaders (ASfYL) offers resources and workshops that focus on effective change-making and project leadership in a wide variety of settings.

Our leadership summer school incorporates experiential learning, as well as outdoor activities and external speakers who come and talk about their roles and leadership experiences in the wider world.

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of the co founder and board member of ASFYL, Glyn Alban Roberts. He was a proud Welshman, an internationalist and an excellent linguist. After Oxford University he had a successful career with both the Wales Tourist Board and The British Tourist Authority. His interest in the education of young people led to many teaching opportunities in The UK and overseas. He will be missed by his many friends from all over the world.